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When Should You See a Hearing Instrument Specialist?

Hearing Professionals

When you notice yourself struggling to hear during group conversations, turning up the television to volumes louder than most or difficulty hearing people on the telephone, you may be experiencing hearing loss. Visiting a hearing instrument specialist can help you determine if you are having hearing problems and what you can do to combat this.

Do hearing instrument specialists conduct hearing tests?

A hearing instrument specialist will conduct a hearing test to determine what pitches and frequencies you struggle most with. This will help them recommend the right hearing aid and features to benefit your particular needs.

What does a hearing instrument specialist do?

A hearing instrument specialist is an expert in hearing aids. Their role is to match you with the right hearing aid for you and your lifestyle.

In addition, many hearing instrument specialists will also perform a variety of repair and maintenance tasks for hearing aids. They are the experts in ensuring your hearing aid is suitable for you and is fit for purpose at all times.

Why would a person need to visit a hearing instrument specialist?

  • If you are experiencing hearing loss, you may wish to visit a hearing instrument specialist to help find the right hearing aid for you. This will usually involve a consultation, in which you discuss your lifestyle, requirements and preferences and then you will have the opportunity to try different hearing aids and see which might suit you.
  • If you already have a hearing aid, then you may wish to visit a hearing instrument specialist when looking to upgrade or replace your existing device.
  • In addition, you can visit a hearing instrument specialist if you are experiencing any problems with your hearing aid, if it needs repair or if the device is in need of general maintenance and cleaning.

What is an appointment with a hearing instrument specialist like?

If you are looking for a first hearing aid or to upgrade your existing device, then the appointment will focus on you, your hearing loss and your requirements from a device. The hearing instrument specialist will ask you a number of questions about your lifestyle and then make a recommendation as to the device that may be suitable for you.

If visiting a hearing instrument specialist for device repair, the process is similar to any other repair: you will leave your hearing aid in their care, then collect it when the repair is complete.