Assistive Listening Devices

Modern hearing aids do a remarkable job of discerning between sounds and amplifying the most desirable among them, yet sometimes they are still not quite enough to create a comfortable listening situation on their own. Significant distances combined with background noise or reverberance in the space can make it harder for our hearing aids to give us what we need, and that’s where assistive listening devices (ALDs) come in.

ALDs are a broad category of devices that help make it easier for those with hearing issues to hear and communicate. Some may stand alone, while many work in conjunction with hearing aids. ALDs generally are able to work with almost any hearing aid model, while some may be manufactured by a specific hearing aid company to work with their models alone.

Because the market of ALDs is so vast, it can be hard to imagine which ones you might need. Fortunately, you don’t have to make a decision about all of your ALDs on the day you pick out your hearing aids. You can always bring more ALDs into your life if you start to feel a need for them.

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