Don’t be like me… I was being “penny wise and dollar foolish”. With this hot weather everyone perspires and moisture is death on hearing aids. I started having problems with my aids. When I would insert a new battery, it would almost immediately make the low battery tone and the battery would go dead. Finally one stopped working completely. Aaron explained that it seemed like the circuitry was messed up and it was just “sucking” the power out of the battery, possibly being caused by moisture. Aaron has a product called ReSound which is a desiccant (it absorbs moisture). He sells it for $9.95. I might note, Amazon has the same product BUT it is priced higher at $15.99… which shows Aaron deals fairly and tries to be reasonable in price. The point being, I tried the ReSound with my non working aids, and now they BOTH work! If you are like me you have quite an investment in your aids, so to me, spending the $9.95 to ensure the circuitry of the aids stays dry and functioning correctly is a smart thing to do.

Richard L. Allen
Friendly staff. Always willing to help.
Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is the BEST OF THE BEST when it comes to your hearing. I highly recommend him!
Heartland Hearing
I met Aaron about 4 months ago, where I heard about absolute audio through advertising, I have to say Aaron is one of the best as far as hearing aids, we’ve had our trials due to my ear being so complex and through several visits we’ve came through with the best hearing aid that I’ve have ever had!! Aaron has had the BEST patience, attitude, and personality that I’ve ever met!! Thank you Aaron for it all, and changing my life in the world of hearing!!! God Bless.
Gary Moore

Richard Allen

I must again express my pleasure at the care given by Aaron at Absolute Audio. He was in a position to simply tell me I needed to buy a new aid, but he was honest and took the time and effort to clean and adjust my aid rather than force me to buy a new one… It has been some time now, and the aid is working fine… Thanks Aaron!
Richard Allen
Great place.Really cares about your hearing.listens and takes time to help you with what you need.
Gregory Markel
5 stars- very good, helpful. Very nice I will try to keep talking.
Tom Wilder
Very responsive to customer calls and customer care you just don’t see much of anymore. Real personal care. You will never be wrong when you do business with this group. Satisfied beyond measure!
George Thodoropoulos