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If you suspect you’ve been struggling with hearing loss, then you know how challenging it can be. It can make it not only hard to connect to the people in your life, but affect mood, cognitive health, mobility, and ability to safely navigate the world. Despite the many proven benefits of life with hearing aids, it can often be a long road to finally taking the step towards investing in your hearing health, but we assure you that on the other side is a life with more ability to participate in everyday conversations, increased confidence and a likeliness to pursue just about anything you put your mind to.
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Find Your Perfect Hearing Aids at Absolute Audio in Carlinville

First you have to find the right hearing aids for you, and this can be a bigger challenge than many have anticipated. Today there are more styles and features in hearing aids than ever before, designed for a wide range of needs around hearing support and usability. While this level of access is amazing, we hear from many of our clients that the number of options can be overwhelming. The good news is that with Absolute Audio, we are here to help narrow down your options to find the best hearing aids and features for your needs and lifestyle.

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Hearing Aids in Carlinville to Fit Anybody’s Ears

Ideally you will be wearing your hearing aids from the moment you wake till the time you go to sleep for years to come. Therefore, we are committed to finding the highest levels of comfort in the fit of your hearing aids. A secure fit in your hearing aids not only means ease and comfort in your everyday wear, but superior sound quality. Despite our years of experience, we still don’t always find the perfect fit the first time. There are many aspects to account for in fit, such as the weight, ease of insertion and removal, and the presence of any special features, such as moisture-resistant coatings, which can contribute to long-term comfort and durability. However, we are committed to working with you until you have the absolute best fit for everyday comfort and sound quality.
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Absolute Best Hearing Testing in Carlinville

Before you can choose your hearing aids, we first perform a series of hearing exams to ascertain the quietest sounds you can detect and what specific tones and sounds you struggle to hear. We also test for your ability to hear speech and sounds in noisy settings. The results of your hearing exam not only let us know your degree of hearing loss but give us vital information to help you narrow down the best style for you. While many enjoy the discreet and small size of ITC (in the ear canal) hearing aids or CIC (completely in the canal), they often don’t have the ability to house a battery that gives them the amplification power they require for those with more severe degrees of hearing loss. The good news is that we will be there every step of the way to make sure you have the right hearing aids based on your hearing ability.
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Absolute Best Hearing Aid Services in Carlinville

These days, selecting your hearing aids isn’t just about the style of hearing aid, but the many features which continue to come out every year. With innovations in digital micro processing, the level of amplification offered continues to amaze users with enhanced hearing and features such as background canceling in noisy settings, directional microphones to follow conversations in crowded rooms, and tinnitus masking features. Many also enjoy wind cancelation features, music listening enhancement, rechargeable batteries, and Bluetooth technology. However, these added features can add up to high price points. Of course, you want them all, but we are here to make sure you find the best hearing aids for your lifestyle that can also fit in your budget. We will ask you a series of questions when you first visit us to understand your listening habits and lifestyle. Based on your answers we are not only able to understand factors that may be causing hearing loss in your life, but which features will best support you in a higher quality of life.

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People often go years from the time they suspect they have a hearing loss till the time they seek treatment. However, unaddressed hearing loss can build up into serious emotional, cognitive, and physical health risks which are difficult or impossible to reverse. Take control of your life today by investing in your hearing health! Contact us to schedule a hearing exam today!
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