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Are There Dangers of Pretending to Hear?

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Relationships by audseo

Communication is the cornerstone of human interaction. It shapes our relationships, experiences, and daily interactions, making it hard to navigate conversations. Some individuals may resort to pretending to hear rather than admitting their difficulty. While this coping mechanism may seem harmless, the act of pretending to hear can have significant consequences for both the individual and those around them. The …

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Improving Communication with Your Family

In Communiation, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Relationships, Tips and Tricks by Aaron Gingrich

Is your father or mother struggling to keep up with conversations? Do they ask you to repeat yourself often, or do they complain that you are always mumbling? Maybe when you call, they don’t always pick up the phone. While you can chalk it up to forgetfulness, it’s more likely that they didn’t even hear the telephone ringing. Another common …