Hearing Loss Myths

Hearing Loss Myths

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Do you suspect you have hearing loss but your reluctant to seek treatment? There are many misconceptions which keep people from seeking the treatment they need. In fact, the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) reports that only about one out of five people who would benefit from a hearing aid actually seek treatment. When people understand the facts about hearing loss, they understand how important it is to seek treatment. Here are a few myths about hearing loss and facts to help you get the help you need.

Myth: Personal sound amplifiers are the same as hearing aids.

Fact: Personal amplifiers may seem alluring because of their affordability and the ability to purchase them over the counter but they are no replacement for properly programed hearing aids. In fact, if used incorrectly personal sound amplifiers can actually, you’re your hearing much worse! Hearing aids are programed, based on your hearing exam to amplify only the sounds you need to hear, while allowing you to use your existing hearing to amplify the rest. This creates a natural ease of hearing, allowing you participate in the conversations in your life confidently and connect to the people you love with ease.

Myth: Buying hearing aids online or by mail saves me time and money.

Fact: It may seem easier to opt for an online purchase of hearing aids, but this could seriously impact your important investment in a negative way. When you attend a hearing test, we are able to determine the subtle aspects of your hearing loss and make sure we program them to suit not only your hearing loss but your lifestyle. We will be able to inspect your inner ear for any physical damage as well as interview you about your lifestyle to help you choose the best features and options which will best suit you to hear your best in all the situations you are likely to encounter.

Myth: Hearing aids are too expensive.

Fact: There is no denying that hearing aids are an investment. However, in actuality, the cost of not treating your hearing is most likely much more costly. The Better Hearing Institute reports that people with untreated hearing loss make on average $30,000 less annually. When you choose not to treat your hearing loss, your co-workers and employers often notice. You may seem confused, and miscommunications can build up into less reliance on you as an asset. Investing in hearing aids now is investing in your career and professional success. 

Myth: Hearing aids will restore my hearing to normal.

Fact: When you put on a pair of properly prescribed glasses your hearing will be instantaneously corrected. Hearing aids on the other hand take time to work. Your brain has to relearn to hear sounds it hasn’t processed in years. Over a two-week period, most people experience a greater ease with hearing aids and find that they can help them connect and communicate with enhanced ease. However, they won’t restore your hearing to its normal ability. Even so, they are an invaluable tool to help your brain process sound and help improve a wide range of emotional, cognitive, and physical stresses caused by untreated hearing loss. People with untreated hearing loss are more likely to suffer strains on relationships, poor performance at work, unemployment, depression, loneliness, cognitive decline, dementia, and greater risk of falls leading to hospitalization.

Myth: Hearing aids make you seem old.

Fact: Many of us remember the hearing aids our parents and grandparents wore. They were large and prone to feedback. Today’s hearing aids come in a large array of styles and sizes. Some are so small that they fit in your ear canal deep enough to be nearly undetectable. While hearing loss due to old age is common, hearing loss can happen to anyone at any age. What is important is to take action as soon as possible. Not treating your hearing loss will most likely give you the feeling of being old or dated much more than wearing hearing aids. It’s all too common for people with untreated hearing loss to seem confused, disconnected or disinterested in conversation. Join the conversation and stay engaged in the life you love by treating your hearing loss with hearing aids today and schedule a hearing exam with us today!