Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aids by Aaron Gingrich

We are constantly juggling our devices these days as we equip ourselves with mobiles, laptops, and tablets. One of the challenges we face as our handheld and portable electronics become part of our daily ensemble is to keep them charged!

Travelers and commuters are constantly seeking recharging ports and many of us fear that dreaded “Battery low” pop up message on our mobiles. Cars are equipped these days with charging ports for the variety of electronic devices we keep on hand. Many of us carry external chargers for fear of battery drain and the possibility of not being accessible via the phone, email or text messaging.

We live in constant apprehension of not having as many channels of communication open and accessible to us at all times. When it comes to something as important as hearing aids, we need to make sure that the best and most consistent use of them is to keep their batteries charged. We can stockpile hearing aid batteries which is always an option or we can invest in rechargeable hearing aids to our advantage for the reasons listed below.

Environmental awareness

We’ve all been educated as to the ill effects of battery waste and disposal. Once batteries are used and thrown away, they undergo changes in their chemical composition. These changes result in toxicity to our air, soil, and water. We can undercut these effects by reducing our battery consumption. Rechargeable hearing aids will eliminate these types of toxic waste because you will no longer have to throw batteries away at all!


Keeping our electronic devices charged at all times is just a regular part of our daily routines these days. Organizing our lives and creating less stress and more time for things we enjoy is what we need to optimize. As we age, we need to monitor our health and maintain our daily schedule for our overall health. Keeping our chores efficient, timely and within our control helps us to stay productive and engaged. Popping in your rechargeable hearing aids at night and using them fully charged the next morning is ideal. Eliminating hassle-free necessities that require 20/20 vision and nimble fingers can easily be achieved when the need for replacing tiny batteries at any given time is no longer necessary!


No longer do you have to deal with cables, sockets, and plugs on a daily basis! Rechargeable hearing aids are available with inductive charging technology that simply requires you to place them back in their compatible charging holder. This technology uses electromagnetic signals to recharge and is designed to be of utmost convenience for you, the user. Depending on the brand you choose, keeping the hearing aids clean and dry is an added convenience available to you. Comparable to the ease of the electric toothbrush, your rechargeable hearing aids will give you the freedom of waking up in the morning ready for use!


Your hearing aids will come with instructions, a number or email for customer service, and some will even provide tutorials so that you will maximize your investment. Your hearing health professional is also a good source of information should you have any further questions or queries regarding proper use. The level of ease and sophistication of hearing aids today has increased dramatically as research and science provide an array of options for the hearing impaired.


Do your homework to find your most budget-friendly and best fit for your life hearing devices! Read testimonials, compare quality, prices, customer and technical support reviews. Research the manufacturer so that you make a well-informed decision for the betterment of your hearing health. At Absolute Audio, our team is here to help you make the best selection for your specific hearing needs. 


Let’s face it, we all have a budget we need to adhere to! The smart move is to lessen your cost and maximize your investment in your health and efficient use of your time. With rechargeable hearing aids you can do away with incidental costs that replacement batteries often incur and spend your time and money on things you enjoy more!

Absolute Audio

If you any questions or concerns, Absolute Audio is here to help you. Our goal is to make sure that you or someone close to you get the guidance and assessment necessary for your hearing health. We are just a phone call away. An appointment with us will get you started on a proactive and empowering step on your road to a better, healthier hearing experience.