A Guide to Buying New Hearing Aids

A Guide to Buying New Hearing Aids

In Hearing Loss by Aaron Gingrich

Are you considering getting hearing aids? Good for you! You’ll be happy to know that the days of beige behemoths are well and truly numbered. Now we have shapes, sizes and colors to suit all preferences. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your first set of hearing aids.

1. Think about your lifestyle and how hearing aids can benefit you

Here at Absolute Audio, we will ask you questions about your lifestyle. We’re not being nosy – rather, we’re trying to figure out your lifestyle and the kind of hearing aid that would suit you best! Do you like staying at home, or are you more active in the community? Do you prefer socializing one on one, or in groups? The answers to these questions will help us recommend hearing aid styles and technology that would suit you best.

For example, those who are looking for the utmost discretion will be interested in the smaller hearing models available such as in-the-ear hearing aids. For those who spend a lot of time in restaurants and cafes should consider the processing power offered by the top of the line models.

2. Get professionally tested

A hearing test is an important part of understanding your hearing abilities. From your audiogram, we will determine whether a hearing loss is present and if so, the degree and configuration of it (by ear). Hearing tests are usually be done in a booth, with a series of tests designed to measure your ability to understand speech as well as sounds from certain frequencies. Following the test, a visual analysis of your hearing is conducted. This is used to determine the strength of hearing aid you will need.

3. Demonstrations are key

As hearing aids are an important investment and choosing the right device for you is such a personal decision, it makes sense to want to test drive them before purchase. We will work with you to determine the best hearing aids to meet your needs and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.  

4. Fit, fit, fit

There are two meanings for “hearing aid fitting.” When you are fitted for hearing aids at Absolute Audio, we fine-tune the device to ensure that it meets your specific hearing needs. After leaving our office, you’ll learn to adjust to life with hearing aids and hearing clearly – during this period, you’ll want to pay attention to different listening situations and how your aids function.

Remember, they are meant to be worn all day so it is vitally important they are comfortable for all-day use. Bring along a family member or friend so you can hear a familiar voice when testing out different models. When wearing the hearing aid, let us know if it is uncomfortable, or if the device moves or makes a whistling sound when you talk or eat. This is an indication that the device will need to be refitted.

5. Keep in touch with us at Absolute Audio

You should continue to keep regular contact with us in the weeks following purchase of your hearing aids so that we can make sure the devices are working properly and as you expected. In fact, it is very common with new hearing aid users to have to go back in for a refitting or device adjustment. Although an inconvenience, it makes sense to put in the time now so that you may enjoy a fully functioning and optimized hearing device for years to come.

6. Remember that good hearing takes time

You hear with your brain as much as your ears. Therefore, it makes sense if your brain takes time to get used to the hearing aid. Make no mistake, the first few days will be mentally exhausting. But if the hearing aids are right for you, it will get better. In the meantime, your family and friends would benefit from knowing that you are going through an adjustment period and as such, your hearing might not be 100% consistent for a while.

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If you’ve noticed changes in your hearing or have recognized some of the signs of hearing loss in your daily experience (difficulty understanding speech, turning up the volume on your devices, etc.), come visit us at Absolute Audio. We provide comprehensive hearing tests and hearing aid services, and we look forward to helping you!