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Earmolds and Earplugs

Hearing aid wearers get their devices custom fit to maximize the hearing aid’s effectiveness. It increases comfort and ensures that programming doesn’t go to waste when using the advanced features of the device. This same technology is available for earmolds and earplugs and carries the same benefits. 

Custom earmolds and earplugs

Ears come in different shapes and sizes. With every ear shape being unique, customized earplugs have an advantage over a one size fits all solution. Absolute Audio uses custom fit technology to ensure patients get the most out of multiple types of earplugs.

Custom earmolds: Dome, canal, full-shell, half-shell, skeleton and semi-skeleton are the main types of custom earmold choices. Some custom choices are made to pair with certain devices, so there will be some that are not available depending on the model. 

Custom earplugs: Custom earplugs are best used with models like the DefendEar series or other feature rich earplugs. This ensures that the advanced technology is used fully. Without a custom fit, earplugs like those made for swimmers would allow water to enter the ear. A custom fit is the best choice when opting to get a high-end earplug solution. 

Musicians earplugs and monitors

Musicians have to protect their ears while listening to different levels of music. In and out of the studio, this can be a problem without proper protection. Musician’s earplugs and monitors are the industry standard solution that bridges the gap between protection and sound clarity. 

Musicians earplugs: By sitting deep in the bony portion of the ear canal, musicians earplugs reduce occlusion. With the help of high-end balancing techniques, multiple sounds are leveled without affecting its integrity. 

In-ear monitors: With the use of a transmitter, In-ear monitors are a two-part system that wirelessly transmits and amplifies sound for the user. They are the go to device for live performances, fully replacing wedge monitors. In-ear monitors protect hearing and lets performers hear music in the same way as the audience.