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Different Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is different for each individual. Knowing the type of hearing loss helps with treatment, but it also helps to know what portion of the hearing is affected. This damaged portion is the key to many of the symptoms and causes of short or long-term hearing loss. Conductive, sensorineural and mixed are hearing loss types with their own set of symptoms. The professionals at Absolute Audio make recommendations on hearing aids based on the type of hearing loss a patient is suffering from. 


Conductive is a hearing loss problem exclusive to the middle and outer ear. The ear is made up of the outer, middle and inner parts. When sound can’t find its way out of the middle and outer ear, louder sounds become harder to distinguish. Medicine, surgery and hearing aids are the solutions for dealing with conductive hearing loss. 

Causes: Fluid in the middle ear, ear infections, bad Eustachian tube function, eardrum abnormalities, benign tumors, earwax, objects stuck in the outer ear, middle ear deformities


Inner ear damage falls into the category of being sensorineural hearing loss. Sometimes this can be caused by issues with the nerve pathways that connect the inner ear to the brain. This is why sensorineural affects both soft and loud sounds. Permanent hearing loss is often associated with sensorineural and is much harder to fix with surgery or medicine. Hearing aids are the best solution for sensorineural hearing loss.
Causes: Common illness, aging, blows to the head, inner ear abnormalities, prolonged exposure to loud noise, genetic hearing loss, some drugs


Mixed hearing loss affects the inner, outer and middle ear. It is a combination of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss causes and symptoms. Having mixed hearing loss can temporarily make hearing worse than it actually is. Even though it shares the same causes and symptoms as sensorineural, it is not always permanent. Solutions for mixed hearing loss include hearing aids, medicine or surgery. 

Causes: Mixed hearing loss shares the same causes as conductive and sensorineural.