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Top Dos and Don'ts of Ear Cleaning

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How often should you clean your ears, and what is the best way to do it? For a hearing care professional, these are two questions they hear on a regular basis. Everyone wants to know how to get rid of wax in their ears and make them feel clean. However, are you doing the right things when ear cleaning?

Check out the top dos and don’ts of ear cleaning to ensure you’re practicing the best methods!

Don’t: Use cotton swabs

Too many people make the error of using cotton swabs to clean their ears. It seems like it does a good job as you can fit them right in there and you see all the wax on the swab afterward. In reality, all you’re doing is pushing the wax deeper into your ear, which can cause blockages. Furthermore, cotton swabs are potentially dangerous as you can insert them too far and rupture your eardrum.

Do: Avoid over-cleaning ears

You don’t need to clean your ears every day - or even every week! On average, you’re looking at once or twice a month at the absolute maximum. The only exception to this is if your hearing care provider has suggested you clean them more frequently. Earwax is actually very good and helps to get rid of bacteria and harmful things in your ear canal. As such, it tends to get rid of itself naturally. So, you don’t need to keep trying to clean it out every day!

Don’t: Try ear candling

If you’re researched ear cleaning online, then you may have come across a technique called ear candling. This is where you stick a candle in your ear, light it, and it creates a vacuum to suck out the wax. However, this just isn’t going to happen. It won’t work, and it’s incredibly dangerous, so avoid it at all costs.

Do: See a hearing care professional

Some people suffer from really hard wax that won’t soften and get rid of itself no matter how hard you try. Usually, you know if this has happened to you as your ears feel blocked and everything sounds quite muffled. You may also get some slight ear pain as well. This may mean you need some professional ear cleaning, which is best done by your hearing care provider. Always contact them if you need some deep cleaning to remove stubborn earwax.