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Working with Hearing Loss

In Workplace by Aaron Gingrich

The workplace can be an intimidating environment if you are not well prepared, and it can be more so if you have a hearing impairment. The good news is that with the right attitude, information and strategies in play you can effectively integrate into your new workplace or make adjustments to your current one, knowing the following: Details Always have …

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Avoiding Hearing Tests Could Make the Problem Much Worse

In Hearing Tests by Aaron Gingrich

One of the greatest dangers we face when it comes to the issue of hearing loss is negligence. Hearing decline is one of the most prominent public health issues in the US, competing with cancer and diabetes. It is no longer a condition pertinent only to the elderly. In fact, the rise of hearing impairment is now common to every …

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How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

In Communiation, Hearing Loss by Aaron Gingrich

Ignoring hearing loss one of the harmful things a person can do to their overall health. Hearing loss impacts every facet of our lives. Our communication relies on our sense of hearing and communication is the foundation of every relationship we have. The impact of hearing loss extends to our friends, family members, colleagues and beyond. It forever changes the …